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Cheese in the Trap
Part romance, part suspense, and part slice-of-life. I'm in love with this manhwa by Soon Kki, following college students Sul and Yoo Jung. Read the review for more details on this unique Korean webcomic, perhaps best enjoyed by josei readers.

Crazy Coffee Cat
A Korean webtoon with a premise as shallow as its annoying heroine. Vaguely involves coffee and run-of-the-mill romance comic elements, as well as pretty but stiff art.

Balancing her career as a Math teacher with her alter ego as a Yakuza heiress, Yankumi takes on a class of high school delinquents. I rate this manga among my all time favorites in part because of its kick ass female lead and in part because of its sense of humor.

Hana Yori Dango
A classic in the shoujo manga canon, but one that I am thoroughly unimpressed with, as outlined in my review. If you like a story where people do mentally, physically and emotionally destructive things to each other ALL THE TIME, this is for you.

Library Wars
Join Iku Kasahara in the fight to protect libraries in this fun, fluffy read in which government censorship threatens the right to knowledge. Predictable yet satisfying, with extra points given because of the library aspect.

A classic high school shoujo manga about Kira, a shy artistic girl, and Rei, a motorcycling tough guy. The story was engaging at first, but I quit reading after volume ten because I couldn't stand Kira's crying anymore.

A cute, innocent tale of an angel falling in love with a mortal. Drawn by the famous CLAMP group, this is a light read that lacks the backbone of a robust story, but is still enjoyable.

Sahara Mizu
For those of you who want quality art with a quality story, check Sahara Mizu out. Realistic, beautiful art, and slightly melancholy, her manga is a pleasure to read.

Yoshizumi Wataru
"Read Yoshizumi Wataru's mangas when you want something girly, romantic, and comfortable." Sometimes a well-done, conventional shoujo manga is just what you need, comforting like a warm bowl of chicken noodle soup.

Based on the Korean pansori story about the romance between Chunhyang, the daughter of a kisaeng entertainer, and Mongryong, the son of a government official. Very pretty film, but lacking a lot of substance.

Star Trek (2009)
The three of us loved this movie reboot of the Star Trek series, which focuses on the origins of the first Enterprise crew. Read our thoughts on the reboot cast, and why Spock and Kirk are far sexier than Twilight's anemic Edward.