Thursday, May 14, 2009

Our name is Manga Meditation, and you are...?

Hey... Remember us?

For those of you who might be reading our blog on a semi-regular, sort of passing basis, you may have noticed that we haven't updated in... Over two weeks. Which is totally our bad. But this blog is not dead! We are simply very busy, mostly as a result of the hell that is finals week. Which may explain as to why I am writing this at 5:00 in the morning.

But might the promise of an awesome post in the future entice you (a lame, vague reference to Flight of the Conchords)? Something like an... ANIME CONVENTION REPORT?!

That's right folks! For the low, low price of free, you too can read about the glamorous goings-on at one of those little nerd gatherings with overpriced plushies and dudes in Sailor Moon outfits. Who can resist?! NO ONE! ONLY LOSERS!

So come back once in a while, maybe even as soon as tomorrow... For our cynicism can only be silenced for so long.


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